Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

We may be in the 21st century yet slavery still co-exists with the freedom we claim to have. Read and learn more about modern-day exploitation here.

Human Trafficking – Empowering Men

Whenever we engage in human trafficking awareness, our usual assumptions and prejudices would usually depict a picture of women rallying for their rights and justice. While it’s not necessarily accurate, men have seemed to be out of the picture in terms of this specific empowerment.

The Unfortunate Truths of Human Trafficking and Childhood Abuse

Did you know that there is a direct link between human trafficking and sexual abuse? A research study showed that 84% of human trafficking survivors also had a history of childhood sexual abuse. Láro partnered with The Children’s Assessment Center to host a Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon featuring Jason Wu in April to help raise money and awareness of the link between child abuse and human trafficking.

The Dirty Dozen List And Why It Matters

Every year, puts out something called The Dirty Dozen List. This list contains the twelve names of mainstream companies, brands, and organizations who are the top 12 contributors to sexual exploitation in America!

The purpose of The Dirty Dozen List is to put the spotlight on people who are fueling the sexual exploitation industry. For some, this may be a wake-up call to brands that they have been supporting and buying from regularly.

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The Dangers of Sex Trafficking and Pornography

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How to Find Human Trafficking Awareness Events Near You

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