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How Your Buying Habits Can Help Stop Human Trafficking

It’s so easy to just run to Target or order something off of Amazon and call it a day. After all, it’s pretty hard to complain about getting things delivered to your front door in just two days. While the thrill of your most recent buy will eventually fade, the impact of your purchase could be around for far longer. Your buying habits could be supporting organizations with bad business practices or who are affiliated with human trafficking. The next time you go to make a purchase, rethink where you’re shopping. Here is how your buying habits can help stop human trafficking.

How Your Buying Habits Can Help Stop Human Trafficking

Get to know the source of the products you buy

Before you buy something from a retailer, take the time to get to know the source of the products you use. Many of these companies may be using unfair labor practices, or worse. They could also be using human trafficked individuals forced to work under horrible conditions. The website Products of Slavery has an interactive map to help you find products that might be sourced unethically.

Avoid companies and industries that promote human trafficking

You have the tools and the opportunity to familiarize yourself with where your products are being sourced. The next step, and most important one, is to stop supporting them! The National Center on Sex Exploitation puts out a list every year called the Dirty Dozen List. This list helps educate people about which brands or companies are profiting or facilitating sexual exploitation. You’d be surprised how many retailers that you shop from regularly are on this list!

Look for ways to reduce your slavery footprint

No matter where you live, you will need to consume goods and use services in your daily life. While you don’t have to stop wearing jewelry or burn all of your clothes, there are ways you can reduce your slavery footprint! To start, visit Slavery Footprint to see what areas of your life you may need to improve on. This site will identify places where your habits and purchases can be tied to human trafficking. Once you are aware of what your slavery footprint looks like, start looking for alternatives.

Seek out alternatives

We are fortunate enough to be able to have a wide variety of options of places to shop. If you love shopping online or shopping in the store, there are plenty of stores you can shop at that are better alternatives.

If you are looking for companies that help fight against human trafficking, or help a good cause, check out these posts:

Human trafficking is a global epidemic that is quickly sweeping every nation. By rethinking your buying habits, you can make a difference by giving a survivor a job or even just spreading awareness.