Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking — Empowering Men

Whenever we engage in human trafficking awareness, our usual assumptions and prejudices would usually depict a picture of women rallying for their rights and justice. While it’s not necessarily accurate, men have seemed to be out of the picture in terms of this specific empowerment.

Gentlemen, you are more than welcome to be part of our fight against human trafficking. In fact, you are encouraged to take on the flag of justice for women who cannot speak for themselves.

Real men don't buy girls

You need not be a woman to fight for a trafficked person. As a matter of fact, you will symbolize the hope for women who’ve struggled with their trauma with men. There are girls out there who cannot breathe in the same room with a man due to their traumatic experiences, so the mere initiative of assuring their vulnerable souls that there are still men out there that are ready to stand by them AND beside them will bring not only comfort — but also restoration of their hope and trust.

There are many ways to be an empowering man who supports the advocacy of being against human trafficking. You’re most likely a dad, a son, a brother, an uncle, a guy friend, or all of the above! So most likely, you have a woman close to your heart. It’s important that you bring them this sense of protection and trust, especially that it’s common for women to experience perversion in some point of their life even as simple as catcalling. It may sound so straightforward and easy but there seem to be less authentic gentlemen than fake ones — and this is a SERIOUS problem. 

For the children close to you, it’s important that you teach them and educate them. Set a good example as this will be the most effective. Children naturally copy what they see, so being an inspiring role-model can influence their character that will mold the person they will become when they grow up. For more tips on protecting your children from sex trafficking, click on this link and be the best parent you can be!

Real men don't buy boys

If there’s no one yet, be the first one. Be the first in your family. Be the first in your community. Be the first man to show that there is strength in getting involved with others’ weaknesses. Set this kind of standard and culture into your families. Human trafficking is not a limited-edition product that only women can buy. It is a lit flame in a candle passed by whoever offers theirs. Be that flame that brings warmth to the hearts of the hurt and the flame that ignites hope to those who’ve given up. 

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