How To Create A Summer Schedule For Your Family

The transition into summer can mean different things for every family. For ours, it means juggling daily life with summer fun. One of the best ways to add a little bit of structure and routine into your family’s summer is by creating a summer schedule for your family! This will help keep everyone on track and prepare your kids for when school starts back up in the fall. If you want to give a summer schedule a try for your family, here is how to get started.

How To Create A Summer Schedule For Your Family

Schedule in meal times

It’s okay if these are a little flexible, but you should aim for meal “windows” during the summer months. This is the time when you need to make sure you are not only cooking, but also eating these meals. Meal times will act as a constant in any schedule, so whether you eat in or out, try to stick to your meal times.

Set expectations for each member of the family

Before summer starts, set expectations for what is expected each day. Do your kids need to do a set amount of chores? Do reading? Does your husband need to do a specific task around the house? Set these expectations and even create a chart for each member of the family to keep it all organized.

Put together a bucket list for your family

A bucket list can help you keep track of all the things you want to do during the summer. Set up a bucket list and sit down with your family to fill it in. Add these activities into your summer schedule, or have a bucket list slot in your schedule.

Set aside quiet time each day

Quiet time can be different for every family. If you have little ones, this might be naptime. If you have older kids this can be time to read or unwind for the day. Whatever you have planned for quiet time, make sure you give yourself and your family time to just relax and enjoy summer.

Make theme days to give your summer days structure

Theme days can help give you a sense of what to do each day! They can also keep things interesting or fun during your summer days. You don’t have to use this schedule, but here is an example of a great summer schedule:

  • Make something Monday
  • Time to read Tuesday
  • Field trip Wednesday
  • Time to help around the house Thursday
  • Film Fridays

You can include weekends in this schedule if you want, but find a theme day that works best for your family!

Set routines

Routines are essential to making your summer schedule work. At a minimum, you need to have a good handle on a morning and evening routine. This will help you unwind at night before bed, and prepare you for the day in the morning.

Creating a summer schedule can be a great way to provide routine and structure doing busy summer months! I hope these tips help you put together an awesome summer schedule that your family will love!

Do you use a summer schedule in your home?