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4 Ways to Shop for a Cause This Holiday Season

Christmas is supposed to be known as the season of giving, but with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we tend to forget about the giving part of Christmas. There are a ton of great organizations out there where your purchase will not only be helping out a great cause, but your purchase will also help spark change. Here are four ways you can shop for a cause this holiday season.

4 Ways to Shop for a Cause This Holiday Season

Designated shopping days

Many organizations have designated shopping days where a percentage of their sales will benefit a cause. This means that you can get that special gift for someone that you’ve had your eyes on, and help out a great cause at the same time! Be on the lookout on store websites and even their Facebook pages for events that might pop up during this time of year.

Láro is hosting a Shop for Change event on December 20th, where those in attendance will be able to shop the new 2019 spring and summer collection before everyone else! A percentage of sales at the event will be donated to support the Dressember cause.

Seek out websites that directly help someone

There are a ton of great websites out there who donate a portion of their sales to a cause! However, there are other ways to help others in need too. If you are thinking about buying products from sites such as Mary Kay, consider doing some research to see if a friend you know is selling products, or if there is a rep you can buy through. By going directly through their sales page you not only help another person make ends meet, but you still get the same products you would have bought anyway! I’ve put together an entire gift guide here that helps support moms that you don’t want to miss!

Use coupons to your advantage

If you use coupons strategically, you could end up walking out of a store saving 70% or more off the retail price! While the use of coupons alone typically won’t be enough to shop for a cause, you can score great deals on holiday items that families in need could really use. Blankets, clothing, and other household necessities are on sale this time of year. Stack your coupons to be able to get these items at a discount, and donate them to those in need!

Support socially conscious organizations and shops

Sustainability and good wages are not the commonplace practice for most organizations. In fact, some of the big retailers out there will probably be doing the opposite. By buying from organizations and shop who are socially conscious, you may be helping human trafficking victims earn a livable wage or help a survivor of domestic violence get back on their feet. Check out the about us section and do some research before you buy to know what kind of organization you are supporting before you buy.

As you can see, the simple act of swiping your credit card can not only help you buy those much needed holiday gift items but benefit a cause as well this holiday season!