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31-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Do you feel the little hint of spring in the air? After a long and cold winter, I’m ready to open the windows and let in some fresh air! Spring is all about hitting the refresh button, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do in our homes! I’ve put together a 31-day Spring Cleaning Challenge for anyone who is ready to get a head start on spring cleaning!

31-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

How it works

You can work through this challenge at your own pace, but each day of the challenge we will be focusing on one part of our home. During each day of the challenge, we will focus on deep cleaning this one area until our whole home is sparkling!  You can use this challenge for any month this spring to help you deep clean your home. I’ve also included a few helpful articles to help you with some of the harder deep cleaning tasks.

Pick up your cleaning tools, and let’s start spring cleaning our home today!


If you want to save some money on your cleaning supplies, or are looking for a way to get rid of toxic cleaners in your home, I have a few suggestions of both storebought and homemade cleaners that will help you spring clean your home!

Here are some great DIY recipes to make your own cleaners:

If you’re short on time, here are some great storebought options from The Grove Collaborative:


Kitchen Cleaning

Day 1: Oven and stove top

Day 2: Appliances

Day 3: Fridge, freezer, and pantry

Day 4: Sink and countertops

Day 5: Cabinets and drawers

Day 6: Floors


Bedroom Cleaning

Day 7: Wash bedding and pillows

Day 8: Declutter closet, nightstands, and dresser

Day 9: Light fixtures

Day 10: Floors


Bathroom Cleaning

Day 11: Shower and tub

Day 12: Toilet

Day 13: Countertop and sink

Day 14: Bathroom cabinets and drawers

Laundry Room

Laundry Room Cleaning

Day 15: Washing machine

Day 16: Dryer

Living Room

Living Room Cleaning

Day 17: Floors

Day 18: Wash cushions/clean upholstery

Day 19: Clean TV Screen and media center

Day 20: Dust furniture and decor

Home Office

Home Office Cleaning

Day 21: Declutter closets, bookshelves, and other storage

Day 22: Floors

Day 23: Clean desk area

Kids Room/ Playroom

Kids Room and Playroom Cleaning

Day 24: Pick up/declutter toys

Day 25: Floors

Day 26: Dust and wipe down surfaces


Day 27: Windows, mirrors, and screens

Day 28: Dump and wash garbage cans

Day 29: Baseboards

Day 30: Wash curtains

Day 31: Catchall Day- Complete any task that you may have missed today

I hope that this challenge will help you spring clean your home and get it back in tip-top shape!

Have you started spring cleaning your home?