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10 Gifts to Bring to A White Elephant Gift Exchange

White elephant gift exchanges are a holiday tradition for many, and as long as everyone shows up with a solid gift to add to the mix, they can be a ton of fun! Choosing the right present to contribute can be tough, but if you’re feeling stuck, you’re in the right place – you’ll find lots of suggestions on this list! If you aren’t quite sure what you want to contribute to your next white elephant gift exchange party, here are ten gifts everyone will be sure to love:

10 Gifts to Bring to A White Elephant Gift Exchange

1. A novelty kitchen appliance

Gift someone the ability to make little donuts, tiny waffles, or cake pops from the comfort of their own kitchen with a novelty appliance. These devices are fun and affordable, making them great white elephant gifts.

2. Something delicious

Something edible is always a welcome gift. Chocolates, cookies, or other sweets can make a fine contribution, but you can also explore the savory side of things! With things like cured meats, popcorns, or other snack packs, there’s something mfor everyone

3. An interesting candle

If you’re going to show up to the white elephant gift exchange with a candle, don’t make it a standard one. Consider a Sorting Hat candle or one with a scent inspired by everyone’s favorite breakfast meat – bacon.

4. A game

Games make great white elephant gifts. Most people are excited to add one to their collection, and if they aren’t, it’s something that can be easily regifted. Contribute a classic like The Game of Life or have some fun with a newer release like Bears vs Babies.

5. A fun desk accessory

If your white elephant gift exchange is part of the office holiday party, something to adorn the recipient’s desk can make a great contribution to the gift exchange. With options like novelty sticky note dispensers, USB desk vacuums, and other tchotchkes, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

6. Ridiculous socks

If your goal is to make people laugh, novelty socks are the way to go. Customize your own ridiculous socks through websites like My Photo Socks or find a pair so silly you don’t need to add anything else, like some of the ones on this website.

7. Something your inner child would love

Think old-school toys, like Lego, Slinkies, and Etch-a-Sketches. The nostalgia factor alone will make these gifts any white elephant recipient would be happy to walk away with.

8. A fun cookbook

There are lots of great cookbooks on the market that will give your recipient a laugh – and potentially inspire them to whip up some new recipes. One clever twist on the traditional cookbook is one that draws from a TV show, like this one inspired by Bob’s Burgers.

9. A water bottle

For a useful contribution to the white elephant gift exchange, bring something virtually everyone could use – a well-made water bottle. Sure, it isn’t the most exciting gift out there, but I guarantee someone will want it!

10. Something relaxing

Most people won’t buy them for themselves, but they’d be happy to receive a head massager or back-scratcher? These little devices are often quite affordable, making them great white elephant gifts.

From toys and games to more practical gifts, you’re well-equipped with plenty of ideas for your next white elephant gift exchange! What’s the greatest white elephant gift you’ve ever seen – or personally received? Leave a comment and let me know!