10 Great Weekly Traditions for Your Family to Try

Family traditions were not a big part of my life growing up. When I finally had kids of my own, I knew I wanted to give them great memories and experiences. Why limit your family traditions to just the holidays or special occasions? What if you could make wonderful memories with your family that would last a lifetime every single week? Here are 10 great weekly traditions for your family to try.

10 Great Weekly Traditions for Your Family to Try
  1. Family Meal Times –  If you cannot sit down for three meals a day as a family, try to make time for at least one meal to sit down as a family. It might even mean having to have dinner at 8 PM some nights, but the time spent together is so worth it.
  2. Evening Walk –  After dinner is cleaned up, go for a walk as a family. Take a stroll around your neighborhood by the lights of the street lamps.
  3. Bedtime Stories / Reading –  Even if you do not have small children in the house, reading together is still a great way to do something that does not involve the TV. Take turns reading, or listen to an audiobook.
  4. Family Movie Night – Dedicate one night a week to family movie night! Go to the theatre, or stay at home and watch a Redbox or movie you already own.
  5. Family Prayer Time  -This time is sacred!  Use this time to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives and sit down and talk as a family. Pray for each other and those around you!
  6. Family Meeting – Take time to sit down and plan out your day and the week ahead. Let each person speak up for dinner suggestions, activities, and plan out your schedule for the following week. We combine this time with prayer time.
  7. Chore Time – Why not do chores as a family? After dinner, work on one area of the house together and get things picked up and clean! Even your little kids can help with things like mopping, sweeping, and putting toys away.
  8. The Gratefulness Jar – Creating a gratefulness jar is so easy! All you have to do is get any jar and each day, have everyone write down a memory or something that made them grateful that day. At the end of month or year read them together.
  9. Family TV Show – Pick a show the whole family can watch and sit down and enjoy together! You can play board games during the show if want, or even do fun games during the commercial break.
  10. Family Brunch – On the weekends, when you have more time, have a family brunch each week. Make up your breakfast foods ahead of time and have brunch without all the extra work!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or wait until the holidays in order to start wonderful family traditions with your family. Give one of these weekly traditions a try and see how much closer your family becomes.

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