The Best Green Companies to Buy From

No matter where you look, there are news articles and products that are encouraging you to use your dollar to make an impact on the Earth. “Going Green” might sound like a huge undertaking or a huge investment, but there are a ton of great companies out there that make it easy! I have put together a list of some of the best green companies to buy from that are making a positive impact on the environment!

The Best Green Companies to Buy From


XStraw Logo

America will use about 500 million plastic straws every single day, and these are not recyclable! XStraw is one of my favorite green companies out there! They produce reusable straws that can help replace plastic straws!

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Logo

This company not only uses sustainable practices in their business, but they have also transformed the green product market! Seventh Generation carries everything from toilet paper to cleaning products and eliminates toxic chemicals in their products.

LUSH Cosmetics

LUSH Cosmetics Logo

LUSH creates all natural products that make pampering and getting ready even better! They have introduced packaging-free cosmetics lines that include products such as bath bombs, massage bars, and even shampoo! While not all their products are package free, they do use recyclable and biodegradable materials for them to have minimal impact on the environment.


Láro Logo

Láro creates beautiful handbags made by artisans in the Philippines with a mission to help put an end to human trafficking. Not only do they have an amazing cause, but their work helps create fashionable clothing without as much waste! Láro uses recycled, low-energy, organic materials that are sourced for each piece.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat Logo

If you are looking to reduce your animal cruelty footprint AND save the planet, now you can with Beyond Meat products! They produce vegan and vegetarian-friendly meat substitute products. Creating these mock meat products requires fewer resources and is more efficient and sustainable.


Coca-Cola Logo

Coca-Cola might be producing a lot of plastic waste, but they are making strides to help the environment. Their focus is on three main areas: water preservation, energy and climate protection, and sustainable packaging. Coca-Cola uses energy-efficient production, supplies, and even green packaging in their products, and work with community recycling programs to reduce waste.


Target Logo

Target has been working on a new line of eco-clothing for their stores for 2019, and their retail stores prioritize lighting conservation as well. Target also helps support various sustainability programs and environmental conservation education efforts.

Noonday Collection

Noonday Collection Logo

Noonday Collection has an amazing selection of everything from handbags to jewelry. They also work to help empower women who are vulnerable and help them earn a sustainable income for their family. Many of the products produced by Noonday Collection are made through reused or recycled materials and use ethically sourced and handmade materials in their products.

Despite what you may think, your dollar really can change the world! By choosing to support green companies who are making efforts toward sustainable business practices, you are making an impact on the planet through a simple purchase.

What is your favorite green company?