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How to Pack an Organized Travel Handbag

Whether you are planning a summer vacation, or just a quick getaway for the weekend, there is always an occasion when your handbag will become your travel companion for a trip. Whether you are on a road trip, planning to fly, or even travel by bus or train, these tips will help you pack an organized travel handbag for your next trip!

How to Pack an Organized Travel Handbag

Keep your Items Categorized and Contained

The best way to organize your purse for travel is to start by categorizing the items that you need to pack. Keep all of your chargers together, snacks, personal care products, and any other category of item in one place to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve categorized everything, try to contain as many of these items as you can. Use organizers and containers to keep them from floating around in your purse and give them a proper home. A great example of how to do this is by keeping chargers or cords in a sunglasses case!

Keep your Handbag Clean

If you want to have an organized handbag, you need to learn how to keep it clean. There will be times when finding a trash can is out of the question, but if you do a little prep work ahead of time, you can be ready for any dirty situation.

Keep a small bag in your purse that you can store away trash or items that need to leave your handbag. This will keep crumbs and items that don’t need to stay there away from the rest of your stuff! At the end of every day, clean out your handbag and reload it with your essentials for the day.

Keep your Most Frequently Used Items in an Easily Accessible Place

An organized handbag won’t do you any good if you can’t reach the things you need! When you are loading your handbag, make sure to put the items that you will access and use most frequently near the top of your bag.

If you can’t put it near the top, find a place that you can store these items that allows you to easily grab it when you need it. If your purse has any internal pockets, this can also be a great place to store these items.

Keep Only the Essentials in your Handbag

While it may be tempting to put every single thing in your handbag, be smart about what you actually need to pack in this bag. If you are flying and are bringing an additional carry-on bag, then you can still pack a lot of items in the front pouches where they can be easily accessed if needed.

If you are checking your bag or the bag will be stored in the trunk of a car, then you may need to rethink what goes in your handbag. For the most part, you should limit your handbag contents to only the essentials and only what you will use while traveling.

Getting to see the world and travel to new places can be so exciting! Make sure that you use these tips to help keep your handbag organized for your next trip.

How do you keep your handbag organized?