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The Best Skincare Routine for Women 40+

This post has been sponsored by Vital Proteins. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.
Disclosure: We received a sample from Vital Proteins in order to share our opinion about their products.

One of the first signs of a woman’s age is her skin. While you may have struggled with acne as a teenager, the problems don’t stop when you become an adult. While you may have been trying to cover a zit in your 20’s, now you’re finding new wrinkles on your face in areas that you didn’t even know could be wrinkled!

With my 40th birthday quickly approaching, I knew it was time to start rethinking my skincare routine to pay more attention to what was going on my face. Many women use the same skincare routine they’ve been using for decades, and I was no exception! Just as your style has shifted, your skincare routine should too!

The Best Skincare Routine for Women 40+

When you enter into your forties, your skin changes. You need to look for products that will promote collagen and elastin to help keep your complexion looking youthful. Collagen does wonders for our bodies and our skin! As we age, our bodies don’t produce as much collagen as it used to, so adding collagen to your diet can help improve your skin, hair, nails, and even your joints!

So, how do you get the collagen your body needs? You can take supplements such as the ones I’m using through Vital Proteins!

About Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins is a collagen supplement that is 100% natural and works as an anti-aging dietary supplement. Collagen is hard to get from your standard diet, which is why Vital Proteins has made powders, shots, and drinks to help you get the collagen your body needs. Vital Proteins can be mixed into smoothies, matcha, or even coffee!

What are the benefits?

Collagen Benefits

Collagen helps prevent the signs of aging by hydrating your skin and helps to slow the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen can be used to make your skin appear younger and even reverse the signs of aging. You can use Vital Proteins Collagen Supplements to help to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and even improve the firmness of your skin! Collage can also help strengthen your hair and nails!

My Thoughts

Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins sent me this Collagen Beauty Glow and Collagen Protein Peptide product to test out. As a busy working mom, I don’t always get the time for an in-depth skincare regimen. Adding these collagen supplements to my skincare routine has definitely made a difference in my skin! I noticed that my skin started to clear up and that it looked overall more pretty! I can’t say that the product necessarily turns back time, but it will make your skin look flawless and even glow!

Would I Recommend Vital Proteins?

Recommend Vital Proteins

If you are looking to add collagen into your diet, I would highly recommend using Vital Proteins. Their powders make it really easy to add into the foods you’re already eating, and don’t require any intense creams or facial scrubs. If you’re a mom who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on a skincare routine, then this is a natural way to help give you flawless skin!

For more information about Vital Proteins, or to get your own collagen supplements, check them out here.

What is your skincare regimen like?

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