How to Dress for Spring When It’s Still Cold Out

Spring is right around the corner! I’m already looking forward to saying goodbye to those cold winter days and bringing out the sundresses and my favorite floral prints. Depending on where you live, the weather might not have received the memo that we’ve moved on into spring yet! If it’s still feeling like winter where you live, I’m going to show you how to dress for spring when it’s still cold out!

How to Dress for Spring When It’s Still Cold Out

Choose light layers

Spring is notorious for having weather that is a bit all over the place. In the morning it could be 30 degrees, but by the afternoon it’s already up to 60! This can make it really hard to dress for the day when it’s below freezing in the morning but warm in the afternoon. The secret is to use light layers. You don’t need bulky winter attire to stay warm, so stick to light layers such as cashmere to keep you warm and cozy when it’s a little too cold for your cute tank top.

Add prints to your outfit

I love floral print attire, and I’m anxious to break out my floral prints when spring hits! You can add a little spring to your step by adding prints such as floral or stripes to your outfits. These will not only make your outfit have more of a spring feel, but will be a trendy outfit to wear out and about.

Swap your heavy coats for jackets

There will be days when your light layers just won’t cut it. For these days, you’ll want to choose jackets instead of heavy coats. Go for a blazer, bomber jacket, or even a nice denim jacket in place of a long heavy coat. Your light jacket is probably going to be enough to keep you warm, and you can still add some spring into your wardrobe.

Use accessories to add a pop of spring to your wardrobe

Scarves are your best friend when it comes to staying warm. However, you can also use them to add a little pop of spring to your wardrobe! Blush, khaki, and even red are great spring colors to add to your accessories to give your wardrobe a pop of spring. You can get some color in with your purse, scarves, or even a piece of statement jewelry.

Learn to love the maxi skirt

Maxi skirts will be your best friend when it comes to colder spring days. Maxi dresses and skirts will go all the way to the ground keeping your legs warm, but still helping you rock a lightweight outfit! If it’s really cold outside one day, add a pair of tights underneath to help keep your legs warm.

Brighten up your clothes

You can still wear your jeans and boots in the spring months, but it won’t hurt to brighten them up a little bit! Instead of wearing your dark wash jeans, go for a light wash instead. Instead of wearing your black boots, look for a lighter color. These small changes won’t seem like much on their own, but they can do wonders to help you brighten up your outfit.

You don’t have to wait until the weather warms up to break out your favorite spring styles! Follow these tips and you can start dressing for spring whenever you want!

What is your favorite spring outfit?