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Fashionable Outfits That Mom Will Love For Mother’s Day: Outfit 3

Welcome back to the third day of our Mother’s Day Gift Guide Series!

If you’re just tuning into the series, I’m putting together a gift guide full of amazing and stylish outfits that are just for moms! Instead of giving your mom the traditional picture frame or sentimental item, why not get her an outfit she’ll wear over and over again!

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Today’s outfit can be used for a night out with friends, or for a cool spring day! This outfit combines some of my favorite earrings with one of my favorite tops from Rent the Runway! This outfit is great for a casual day out on the town!

Fashionable Outfits That Mom Will Love For Mother’s Day: Outfit 3

Let’s jump right in!

Marigold Hoops from Noonday Collection

Marigold Hoops from Noonday Collection

Just because you are wearing something colorful, doesn’t mean your earrings can’t have a pop of color too! These Marigold Hoops are one of my favorite ways to do that!

These Marigold Hoop earrings from Noonday Collection create an adorable vintage look to any outfit. These hoops have three poms in deep yellow and are made of glass beads and plated wire. These earrings are a great choice when you are in search of a more sophisticated yet fun pair of earrings.

You can find these Marigold Hoop Earrings here. For more information about Noonday Collection, check out my post here.

Rainbow Stripe Knit Top from Rent the Runway

Rainbow Stripe Knit Top from Rent the Runway

This adorable Rainbow Stripe Knit Top comes from Rent the Runway! The top is made out of viscose and polyester to create a beautiful flutter sleeve top. This one shoulder neckline creates a beautiful and elegant top that is perfect for date nights or a simple spring top. To finish this look, I paired it with a pair of my favorite jeans and my wooden shoes from Outfit 1.

Many of my favorite outfits come from Rent the Runway. I have the Rent the Runway Unlimited membership which allows me to select a number of different outfits, and once I’m done, I can swap them for something new at any time! If I decide that the piece I’m wearing is something I want to keep, I can buy it at a discounted price! The shipping is free, and they dry clean the clothes for you! My clothes are shipped in two days or less, and I have access to over 500 different designer brand clothes at my fingertips!

You can find this top and other gorgeous outfits from Rent the Runway here.

Liz Handbag from Láro

Liz Handbag from Láro

To finish off this look, I pair this outfit with a simple white handbag from Láro. The Liz handbag from Láro is a great sustainable handbag option to finish your outfit. This handbag is made out of recycled plastic straw and renewable natural fiber. This bag is really one of a kind, and the simple white color makes it easy to pair with a vibrant outfit.

You can find this bag as well as other beautiful sustainable handbags from Láro here.

For the first five days in May, we will be sharing a new fashionable gift idea for Mother’s Day! We will feature stylish outfits, glamorous handbags, and fun accessories to create an entirely new look that your mom will love!

Check back every day for a new post in the series!

What are you getting your mother for Mother’s Day?

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