The Importance Of Family Nights

As a working mom, it doesn’t take long before my schedule is completely booked.

Work schedules and other household responsibilities can really make it difficult to squeeze in family time. However, incorporating family time into your week is so important for both you and your kids! Here is why family nights are so important for our families.

The Importance Of Family Nights

Family night strengthens your family bonds

As our days get busy, it can be easy to disconnect from our kids and even our spouse. We tell ourselves that we just need to get through this busy season. Until the busy season never ends. Family night gently forces your family to gather together and bond with one another. This is great for strengthening your relationship with not only your kids but your spouse too!

Family night allows you to make memories as a family

When your kids look back on all the time they spent with you, they will remember family nights. They’ll remember the silly Pictionary drawings, the times they laughed so hard that milk came out of their nose, and the nights spent catching fireflies with you in the backyard. Family nights allow you to make memories as a family that you will cherish for years to come.

Family night can give you a chance to do something fun as a family

Family nights allow you to do something fun as a family! Instead of just doing chores, sitting down for dinner, and all the not fun parts of the day, they have something fun to look forward to! When your kids are teenagers, they will learn to associate family time with something boring. If you start while they are young, they will grow to love family night and look forward to it even into their adulthood.

Family nights give you a time to talk with your kids

Between sports and other activities that your kids may have going on, it can be difficult to have time to really sit down and talk with them. Family nights give you a chance to sit down with your kids and ask them about their day. You can sit down and talk with them about anything and everything during family nights!

How to implement family night into your household

Family nights don’t have to take a lot of planning or money. If you want to start implementing family night into your home, start by setting a day each week. This should be a day when you have nothing going on and make it a permanent part of your calendar.

Next, plan an activity or something to do as a family! Sit down with your kids and your spouse and brainstorm ideas for family nights. When family night comes around, pick one of those ideas and give it a try! If you find something your family likes, put it into the rotation for future family nights.

Lastly, it’s important to stick to your family night schedule. Life will happen sometimes. Your kids will get sick or you’ll be out of town, and that’s okay! What’s important is that you stick with this time slot and move it if you can’t make it.

Family nights are a must for any family! Make sure that you are making time each week for family time, even if it’s just for half an hour.

What do you do on family nights?