How to Celebrate Easter Without the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is a beloved tradition by many families. However, in our household, we focus on Christ during the Easter holiday and not the Easter Bunny. As a kid, you may have fond memories of baskets of goodies, chocolate bunnies, and Easter dresses, but you don’t have to pass along those traditions to your kids. The Easter Bunny is a fun tradition, but you can celebrate Easter without the Easter Bunny. Here are 5 ways to celebrate Easter without the Easter Bunny.

How To Celebrate Easter Without The Easter Bunny

Share the Easter Story

Many kids today know the story of the Easter Bunny, but likely don’t know the actual Easter story. Unlike Christmas, kids don’t get weeks off of school or a tree full of presents. Instead, it’s one day of decorated eggs and more sugar than they can reasonably eat. While I’m glad that this holiday hasn’t become completely consumed by the Easter Bunny in the same way that Santa kind of took over Christmas, it is sad how many people gloss over the real meaning of Easter.

This Easter, instead of heading to your favorite store to stock up on chocolate bunnies and other Easter goodies, finish the story that you started on Christmas. Jesus was born on Christmas, but the story didn’t stop there! Share with your family the rest of the story about how he grew up and ultimately gave the gift of Himself in our place so that we would have the opportunity to live with Him forever.

Attend an Easter Sunrise Service

Many churches have a sunrise service available on Easter. Bundle up with your family and start your day with God early in the morning. If you don’t have a church near you that does a sunrise service, you can always create your own sunrise hike instead! It will be very cold this early in the morning, so make sure you are keeping warm, and have a family devotion while you are awaiting the sun to rise.

Celebrate with a Christ-themed Activity

In our home, we are celebrating Easter with these fun Journey to Easter Cards! There are eight cards in this set, and it comes with a wooden stand. These cards walk your family from Palm Sunday all the way until Easter Sunday in a really fun way! Each day, you read one of the cards and discuss the questions that are listed for that day. Then, you display this card to act as a visual reminder for you and your family!

You don’t have to use these cards to celebrate Easter. You may instead choose to do another Christ-centered Easter Activity instead that better suits your family. The important thing is to find something that works with your family, but that is still celebrating the real meaning of Easter.

The Easter Bunny doesn’t have to be a part of your Easter celebration in order for your family to celebrate Easter! Instead of sharing the tradition of the Easter Bunny with your kids, teach them about the story of Christ and the real meaning behind Easter instead.

How does your family celebrate Easter?