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5 Tips for Easier Date Nights With Kids

As parents, getting out for a date night can be pretty tricky – but so important for our marriages. The cost of a babysitter can be expensive, logistics can be complicated and planning so stressful you don’t even want to bother. If you have kids in the house, no matter their age, here are 5 tips for easier date nights with kids.

5 Tips for Easier Date Nights With Kids

1. Keep it short

If you can’t take your kids with you or have to take your kids along with you for date night, try keeping it short. Aim for about one or two hours at max, and enjoy some nice conversation while spending time together. If you have a baby with you, this can be even more crucial! If you want to, even have your kids sit at a different table and let them order something fun – Shirley Temples for everyone!

2. Swap babysitting with another mom

If you want a child-free evening without an expensive babysitter, consider swapping babysitting nights with another mom. Even if you don’t go anywhere, you can enjoy a child-free house for a few hours and get some much needed alone time with your spouse. If you decide to go this route, don’t forget to return the favor. This is perfect for those who need a free or low-cost option for babysitting but don’t have family nearby.

3. Have your date nights during nap time or while the kids are asleep

You won’t have a difficult time with a babysitter if it’s just while your kids are asleep. Usually, you can even get a cheaper rate if the kids won’t be awake. Instead of doing dinner and a movie, go out for drinks at night or a late dinner instead. This can still be just as fun and give you alone time without the kids. 

4. Take advantage of sleepover nights

Sleepover nights are the perfect time for some quality time with your spouse. While the kids are playing, maybe spend some time together. Have them watch a movie while the two of you enjoy a quiet dinner in another room. If you want to go out and stay out late, have them sleepover at another friend’s house and take advantage of    the night off! This is great because you can even enjoy breakfast without the kids too!

5. Don’t make it so hard! 

One of the reasons date night might seem so hard is because we make it hard. Dinner is a great date night, but so are walking around a park or going to a baseball  game. You can still have a great time doing low cost or no cost activities for your date night, and you won’t feel like you need to miss out on date night.

These five tips will change the way you do date nights, I guarantee it!

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