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Screen-Free Indoor Activities

Gone are the days of screen-free indoor play. With the amazing advances in technology, it is no wonder the heaping mound of toys in the toy box go untouched for days on end. There has been much debate on just how much screen time is too much for kiddos, so if you are looking for ways to keep your child entertained without a screen you are in the right place. Here are some great screen-free indoor activities to keep your little ones busy.

Screen-Free Indoor Activities

Tip 1: Flashlight Hide and Seek

Everyone knows how to play hide and seek, but have your kiddos ever played it in the dark, with flashlights? Kids seem to particularly enjoy using a flashlight in the dark, so next time they need something to do on a rainy day, turn off the lights and hand out flashlights to make hide and seek a little more exciting.

Tip 2: Baking

Baking is a great way to keep your kiddo busy without the use of any screens. Have your little one pick out their favorite cookie recipe and prepare to get the kitchen a little messy. If you are extra daring make a cake and let your little one have at it with a bag of frosting and sprinkles!

Tip 3: Crafting

There are a variety of fun crafts for kiddos of any age. If they are tired of painting with ordinary paint brushes consider stamping paint with different items you may find around the house like an apple or celery cut in half. Pinterest is full of fun crafts, so if you are having a hard time coming up with a new craft idea make sure to browse the boards to come up with the perfect craft.

Tip 4: Make a Fort

Do you remember making forts with sheets or by standing up couch cushions when you were younger? You loved it, and your kiddos will have a blast creating a fort as well. Pull out sheets and clothespins and help your child make a fun fort to hang out in.

Tip 6: Have a Scavenger Hunt

This one will require a little planning on your part, but your kids will really enjoy it. Set up clues around the house leading to the next clue, and then allow your kiddos to search for them until they find the final item. Make the final item something extra special like freshly baked cookies, or a new board game to play afterward.

Tip 7: Write and Illustrate a Story

Staple some white pages together and give your child a box of crayons and a pencil, so he can be the author and illustrator of his very own story! It is fun to see what interesting ideas kiddos can come up with.

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