10 Ways To Prepare As A Homeschool Mom

Running a homeschool classroom can be kind of tricky, especially if you are the only one homeschooling your kids. Even if it’s just you leading the classroom, you can certainly prepare your classroom for a successful school year! Here are 10 ways to prepare as a homeschool mom.

10 Ways To Prepare As A Homeschool Mom

Create a routine or schedule for your classroom

Setting up a routine for your school lessons or an overall schedule for your homeschool can drastically increase the amount you get done! This will also help you get in the “homeschool zone” so you can focus.

Set up a dedicated homeschool station

Whether you are homeschooling from the kitchen table or you have a whole room set up in your home, consider creating a dedicated space to manage your homeschool. Don’t do anything else in this space, only homeschool related tasks. This will make it easier to get things done, and still separate homeschool and personal time.

Pray for wisdom and guidance

Homeschooling can be stressful sometimes. Take time each day to pray for wisdom and guidance to help you get through the tough times!

Gather classroom supplies

When back to school sales begin, stock up on all the supplies you’ll need for your homeschool year. This way you can take advantage of rock bottom prices, and stock up on your supplies so you never run out.

Do some meal planning and meal prep

Simple or no-prep meals are ideal for homeschooling. However, this often means that you have to miss out on your favorite recipes. Instead, do some meal planning and meal prepping before homeschool season starts.

Create time blocks for your homeschool time

Create time blocks in your schedule that are dedicated to homeschool time. This way you can make sure you’ve left enough time to teach your kids without having to worry about outside responsibilities.

Start searching for resources and curriculums for your classroom

Take some time to browse Pinterest for free worksheets and printables, look online for curriculums you may want to purchase and think about what resources you need for your classroom. Start searching early so you can take advantage of sales during the summer months.

Set up a chore system for your home

While saving the deep cleaning for the weekend can be one of the best strategies for getting things done, it’s still important to have a daily chore system in place for the rest of your home. Delegate tasks to every member of your household to make sure everything gets done.

Get systems in place to keep your home organized

Systems are what is going to keep your home in check when you get busy. This may something as simple as a mail drop off station, or a full-on command center. Figure out what your home needs and put those systems in place!

Plan field trips and local activities

Field trips and outings are a great part of homeschooling your kids, but these take a little bit of planning. Start thinking about where you may want to take your kids and begin planning those field trips now.

Preparing ahead of time can save you a lot of trouble down the road. Use these ten tips for making your homeschool year run a lot smoother.

How do you prepare for your homeschool year?