Homeschooling Tips For Spring And Summer Holidays

One of the benefits of homeschooling your kids is that you can determine your school calendar! This means you can take more time off for longer trips, or you can even choose to work through the summer months if you choose. There are a number of holidays that come up during spring and summer, so if you are thinking about homeschooling during these holiday times, here are a few great tips for homeschooling for spring and summer holidays.

Homeschooling Tips For Spring And Summer Holidays

Take time off for vacations and trips

It’s hard to ignore the opportunity to take advantage of a four day weekend. Whenever a holiday comes around, we get a sudden urge to pack our bags and hit the road! This may include visiting family in another city, or just taking a small family vacation. If you are going to be homeschooling during spring and summer holidays, remember that it’s okay to take time off for vacations and trips! Make sure to plan for these trips ahead of time so you can adjust your schedule, but don’t let them stop you from enjoying this time of year.

Study people and their customs, and the history of different holidays

Holidays offer a unique opportunity to study other cultures and history. Many people around the world don’t celebrate the same holidays that we do, or they may celebrate them a bit differently. Take advantage of this time of year to teach your kids about the origin of holidays, or even just how other people around the world are celebrating.

Plan fun hands-on activities

It’s hard to resist the urge to leave the classroom if all you are doing is lecturing your kids. Plan some fun hands-on activities that your kids can do during spring and summer holidays. These can be science experiments with an educational twist, or just incorporating something like plastic eggs into your vocabulary lesson. Hands-on activities are fun and will make it easier to stay the course.

Celebrate oddball holidays too

Did you know there are over 100 oddball holidays out there? While some are more well known, such as National Ice Cream Day, many of them are much smaller. Ever heard of National Read a Book Day? Probably not! Take advantage of these oddball holidays and plan something fun! Find a unique way to tie some of them into your lesson plan to make learning over the holidays more fun.

Plan mini-unit studies around the holidays

Mini unit studies are a great way to do a deeper dive on subjects. When learning about China, we did an entire mini-unit about pandas! As holidays begin to approach, consider doing a mini-unit study to make things more fun! You can even do something based on a custom or history portion of the holiday.

Spring and summer holidays might not be as close together as the winter holidays, but that doesn’t make them any less important! Use these tips to help you stay on track of your homeschool lessons, and find fun ways to incorporate holidays into your classroom.

What do you do for spring and summer holidays in your homeschool classroom?