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5 Practical Time Management Tips for Working Moms

As a working mom, time is precious. I have to balance managing our homeschool classroom, running a business, and everything else that comes with being a working mom. Time management can sometimes be tricky, so that’s why I’m sharing with you five practical time management tips for working moms.

5 Practical Time Management Tips for Working Moms

Make a to-do list

You can choose to make your to-do list at night or in the morning depending on what works best for you. Personally, I recommend making your list at night so you can better prepare for the day ahead. Make two columns for your list. One should be for anything personal or family related and the other should be for business tasks. Once you have your to-do list in place, it’s time to create time blocks!

Practice time blocking to get more done

Once you have your to-do list ready, it’s time to schedule out your day! An effective way to get this done is by using the time blocking method. Time blocking allows you to dedicate different parts of your day to tasks on your to-do list. This will ensure you get everything done, and that you don’t spend too long on one task.

Learn to automate

Automating tasks isn’t just for your business! Setting bills to autopay can be a huge time saver, and having a list of easy meals you can pull from for your meal plan can help automate daily life. Learning to automate tasks when you can help you save time and get more done each day.

Set office hours

Balancing your time is one of the hardest parts about being a working mom. Kids activities and everything else will pull you away from your desk. To help make it easier to get work done, set office hours for yourself. Make specific times of the day your designated work hours and stick to it! These can be a few hours throughout the day or all in one huge chunk if that is what works best for you.

Create routines

Establishing routines will help make things go by faster and ensure important things don’t get left until the end of the day. Creating a morning and evening routine will help make sure you get to have that extra me time and schedule important tasks you want to do each day. However, you don’t just have to make routines an evening and morning activity! Incorporate routines into your lunch hour, workday, and anywhere that it makes sense!

BONUS: Delegate tasks

As a working mom, you won’t be able to do every single thing around the house and for your business. Delegating the dishes and other household chores to your husband and kids can help relieve a lot of work from your plate! When there is a task that doesn’t have to be done by you, see if it makes sense to delegate it instead.

As a working mom, time management isn’t always easy! I hope these tips help you not only use your time more efficiently but help you get it all done!

What time management tips do you have?