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My Experience with SRT Therapy

If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs or know a little bit about me, you might have found that I was diagnosed with PTSD as an adult after enduring many years of sexual abuse during my childhood. I have tried many techniques including traditional therapy, biblical therapy, EMDR, and SRT—the subconscious release technique. 

According to Jenn Marie Smith, “your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. Think of it as the central processor of your brain, controlling all the unconscious processes of your body. Your life experiences, especially in your early formative years before age 6, have a lot of influence on your subconscious. Your thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions and your actions lead to results, to paraphrase T. Harv Eker. You can change the trajectory of your life using their own conscious minds to release subconscious thoughts that are holding you back from your full potential. This is energy clearing.”

Jenn is an intuitive coach and SRT Global Partner who works with women by bringing clarity about your inner blocks, limiting beliefs, and fears around money. Jenn Marie was wheelchair and bed bound, on a liquid diet and unable to participate in many family activities for about a year. In March 2020, she found SRT and began her personal healing journey. She now has a thriving family life, is able to care for her (now 4) children and empowers women entrepreneurs with networking events. With SRT and Jenn’s coaching, you will break through those subconscious patterns which have affected your ability 

to claim success in your professional and personal life. I met Jenn at a women’s retreat I hosted at my house, and was lucky enough to win a raffle for a few sessions. After starting SRT a few months ago with Jenn, and six sessions in so far, I have found that it has helped immensely with my mental health and how I navigate my current relationships with family. 

My biggest takeaway from SRT is the understanding that I was raised to be seen and not heard, which greatly impacted the way I viewed relationships and how I reacted to conflict. By exploring events that occurred during childhood, Jenn helped me discover that I was raised to be “pleasing” to others, without strong opinions or asking questions. I wasn’t able to recognize my gut feeling that my trauma wasn’t normal or safe, and because I was not taught to speak up, my abuse continued for years. 

Through the subconscious release technique, my initial responses have been broken and I now feel empowered to speak up and allow myself to say “no” to uncomfortable situations. Not only can I better navigate protecting myself, but clearing these negative blockages allowed me to think about how to better parent my children and understand how to raise them in a healthy manner. Rather than defaulting to how I was raised, I can take situations from my past and convert them into positive teaching experiences with my children. It is so easy for us to continue the pattern, but by recognizing our parent’s faults, we can create a better environment for our own kids. It is my goal to set them up for a successful future with healthy communication and open space for one another. Although there is not one technique that will completely help you heal from trauma, SRT is an amazing therapy experience to try. Jenn is a great listener and asks a lot of really introspective questions that helped me open up about my own experience. She offers coaching programs that give you a powerful way to shift your perspective, learn how to release subconscious blocks, and achieve the life you want. If you feel there is something keeping you from being as successful as you want to be, it’s time to have a breakthrough!

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