Organizational Tips For The Garage

There are so many fantastic ideas to use for improving and organizing our home living environment, but what do you do when it comes to the unsightly mess that becomes of the garage? Towering and toppling cardboard boxes, overstuffed tool boxes, or multiple lawn and garden tools strewn all over the place don’t exactly instill a sense of neatness do they? Never fear, help is here! Below you’ll find an easy to follow list of tips and hacks for getting your garage area in tip top shape.

Labeled Bins: Getting organized begins with having a proper place to store all your needed items. Cardboard boxes can be known to attract roaches and are certainly an issue if you have a water leak in the garage. In their place, it is recommended to use  plastic storage bins with lids that lock or secures tightly into place to keep out unwanted pests. 

Sturdy Shelves: Install a shelving unit made of sturdy material in your garage on either the right or left wall, or possibly both to make the best use of that space. Arrange the shelves and space them accordingly to place storage bins, tool boxes, pool chemicals, yard and garden care products, and other miscellaneous items on them. 

Magnet Strips: What a fabulous idea, right? Get your hands on one of those strong magnet strips to hang all your small metal hand tools such as hammers, pliers, your most beloved wrench, and other go to favorites. Having the opportunity to hang one of these besides your hobby table or work station in the garage is most suitable. It gets handy tools within easy reach and no extra clunky tool boxes needed for storing these items.

PVC Pipe Holders: One of my favorite hacks for garage and utility room storage! Cut out a piece of PVC pipe 3 inches wide by 3 inches high and secure onto the wall in your garage or utility room to hold brooms, rakes, shovels, and other tall cleaning tools or yard tools. 

Shoe Rack: It’s often a lot easier to be leaning towards the side of prevention rather than having to clean up a huge mess later when it comes to winter boots, work boots, and garden boots. Try installing a shoe rack within short range of the garage door leading into your home. This will allow you to place dirty or wet boots on the rack to dry after being out and about, as well as being within short reach when you have to come into the garage and grab your boots in a hurry.

Bike Mounts: Install bike mounts on the wall to conserve space and get them out of the way for when you want to pull into your garage. You can even consider hanging bikes, scooters, or big wheels from the ceiling of your garage out of reach of the garage door. You can do the same with hooks to hang ice skates or rollerblades from on the wall for a quick grab.

Tall Wire Baskets: Another huge favorite organizational hack – especially when you have kids that love sports! Utilize a wire basket to hold sporting equipment such as baseball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, and of course a variety of sports balls from softballs to soccer balls. Every bouncy ball and baseball glove can all fit neatly in a wire basket which holds up as a sturdy container.