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How to Go Paperless in your Kitchen

Going paperless in my kitchen is a lot easier than I had anticipated! These are the steps that I’ve used to replace single-use products in my kitchen and move toward a paperless kitchen.

Go Paperless in your Kitchen

Over the years, my family has been making conscious decisions about waste and looking for replacements to single-use items such as straws. Eliminating paper in the kitchen or even reducing the amount of paper you use in the kitchen is a pretty daunting task. When paper towels and napkins are just within reach, it can be hard to rewire yourself to reach for something different. If you are wanting to go paperless in your kitchen, there are a few things you can do to make the transition much easier. Here are easy steps you can take to go paperless in your kitchen.

Exchange Paper Towels and Napkins for Cloth

The first step toward a paperless kitchen is to start with replacing paper towels and paper napkins with cloth ones. You want to make sure that you have enough on hand that you won’t need to do laundry every single day to make this a more effective solution. Cloth napkins are a great replacement for the single-use napkins, and they make mealtimes a little more elegant! For paper towels, I have found that having a good set of microfiber cloths for cleaning, and cleaning rags or dish towels work as good paper towel replacements.

Replace Reusable Wipes

Reusable wipes are one of the easiest things to grab when you are cleaning up a mess or need something to just throw away when you’re done. Instead, use these reusable wipes in your kitchen for those spills that you need to get to quick. If you don’t want to buy a whole separate product to replace wipes, using an all-purpose cleaner and one of your cleaning rags will work just as well!

What Steps Can You Take To Become Paperless Right Now?

Don’t go through all of your kitchen supplies and start throwing out your single-use products! This is not an effective way to reduce the waste in your kitchen which is the whole reason you are going paperless anyway! Instead, use the single-use paper items that you have in your kitchen. But, instead of running to the store to grab a new roll of paper towels when you run out, switch to a reusable solution!

Set up a place in your kitchen for storing your different types of paperless options that are easy to reach when you need them. It’s also important to have a place for the dirty rags that you can take to the laundry when you’re done.

Going paperless in your kitchen can be a little bit overwhelming and even scary experience. When guests come over, they will look for the paper towels to clean up a spill or to wipe their hands. By having your paperless options readily available, you’ll cut down on the paper waste in your kitchen, and create a sustainable kitchen environment!

Have you ever thought about going paperless in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments!