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Gift Guide: Teacher

When you’re making your list of people to purchase holiday gifts for, don’t leave your child’s teacher off! It’s important to show our educators a little appreciation around the holiday season, and it isn’t hard to do so with a small but thoughtful gift.

Not sure what your child’s teacher will appreciate? Here are ten great gift ideas for your child’s teacher:

Teacher's Gift Guide

1. A candle

Lighting a candle at the end of the day can be a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere, and after dealing with a classroom filled with kids all day, your child’s teacher could probably use a little tranquility. Choose a relaxing scent, like jasmine or sandalwood, if you aren’t sure what they prefer.

2. Something sweet

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Give your child’s teacher the gift of indulgence by treating him or her to a gourmet bar of dark chocolate, an assortment of truffles, or some other decadent delight they don’t enjoy every day.

3. A tote bag

Teacher have a lot of stuff to haul around. A tote bag – either personalized with a monogram or quote or bearing an interesting design – can be a fun and practical present.

4. A gift basket

Want to treat your child’s teacher to a few small surprises? Consider assembling a gift basket. You can include magazines, lip balms, lotions, snacks, and anything else you think they might like! Try this one!

5. A personalized gift

Teachers know they’re doing important work, but many don’t necessarily feel the love they deserve from students or parents. Sending your child to school with a personalized gift lets the teacher know just how much their work matters. This scrabble name plate is a perfect gift for any teacher in any grade!

6. A gift card

Some people really do appreciate getting to choose their own gift. A Visa, Amazon, or Starbucks gift card – paired with a sincere card – can be a truly thoughtful gift. Teachers would even LOVE a Teachers Pay Teachers gift card.

7. Supplies for the classroom

If you’re really looking to gift your teacher something practical, ask them what supplies they need and invest a few dollars into stocking the classroom. Many teachers spend their own hard-earned money on essentials for their students, and removing that burden from their shoulders can be a tremendous gift. Teachers ALWAYS need good pens. These are great for any classroom.

8. Alcohol (not for the classroom)

Check the rules around this one, but odds are, your child’s teacher appreciates alcohol just as much as the next person. A glass or two of wine can go a long way in restoring mental sanity after a long day in the classroom. If it’s a no go on the wine, you can always send your child’s teacher a great wine glass!

9. Say ‘no’ to the mug

Most teachers run on caffeine. Equipping them with another way to transport coffee from home to school is never a bad idea! For an especially thoughtful gift, find a way to incorporate your teacher’s personal interests into the TRAVEL mug with a quote or a picture.

10. Something big!

If you’re able to coordinate with a few other presents, you can surprise your child’s teacher with something really great. That might be a piece of furniture for the classroom, a gift certificate for a massage, or something else! Put your heads together, and you’re sure to come up with something they’ll love.

From personal treats your favorite teacher will love to practical gifts that will help them do their job better, these gifts won’t steer you wrong. What gifts have really resonated with your child’s teacher in the past? And if you’re reading this and you are a teacher, I’d love to hear from you – what was the best gift you ever received from a student or a parent? Leave a comment and let me know!

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