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10 Mom Hacks to Make Life Less Overwhelming

As a busy mom, I’ll do just about anything to keep my sanity and keep me from becoming burnt out. If you told me a cookie could magically clean my house, I might consider eating it. I’m not going to promise you a magic cookie in this post, but I will share with you 10 mom hacks to make life less overwhelming.

10 Mom Hacks to Make Life Less Overwhelming

1. Order your groceries.

Whether you pick them up yourself or have them delivered, seriously consider this tip! It will change the way you shop, and you don’t have to worry about impulse buys which can throw off your grocery budget!

2. Use the one in one out rule with everything.

As a busy mom, I don’t have time to declutter and deep purge through my home. This is where the one in one out rule saves the day! Every time you bring something into your home, take something out! Buy a new shirt? Remove an old one! Get a new toy? Donate an old one!

3. Get up before your kids. 

If you are not getting up before your kids, you are wasting precious quiet hours! Even just 15 minutes can give you some much needed alone time, or a leg up on your housework before the crazy happens.

4. Make your kids do chores. 

Even your toddler can help out with the chores! Assign at least one chore to every kid and have the whole family help you keep your house sparkling clean.

5. Stop planning an entire week of meals. 

Meal planning can be a little crazy. Instead of planning for an entire week and wasting food, plan for just five meals instead. This will allow two extra days for either eating out or leftover nights.

6. Double batch when you can. 

If the recipe allows, make a double batch! It will only cost you a little bit more in groceries, and save your sanity on busy nights!

7. Stop washing every single piece of clothing every day.

Before you put a piece of clothing in the laundry basket, ask yourself if it’s really dirty. Pajamas and even jeans can get multiple uses before they truly need a wash.

8. Keep open bins around your home for easy tidying. 

When thinking of organizing solutions for your home, go for open bins! This will make picking up so much easier, and you can easily tidy your home in just minutes!

9. Keep a snack bag in your car at all times.

For fussy kids or cranky moms, this is going to save you on those days when you spend a little longer than you meant to running errands.

10. Use play dates strategically.

If you need to get things done, set up your playdates during the day and run your errands while your kids are playing with their friends. When you’re done, swing by and pick them up.

You don’t have to stress and be constantly overwhelmed as a busy mom! These tips will help make life just a little bit less stressful so you can focus on what you do best.

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