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I See Red, White and Blue! It’s 4th of July!

Batches of colorful baked sweets, rays of the summer sunshine, dazzling fireworks, and most importantly, one of our all-time favorite annual celebrations — FOURTH OF JULY! It’s another year to celebrate our beautiful country’s freedom with our favorite people. More reasons to finally put the ovens into good use and host the best backyard parties!

Our independence day is more than just the eye-popping colors of blue, red, and white everywhere. It’s the celebration of freedom and reclaiming. What is it that you’ve been trying to be free-captive from? What is it in your life that you’ve been wanting to claim and reach? It’s probably time to allow the Ultimate Ransomer of life to claim your redemption. God has just been waiting for you to raise your flag and surrender to Him. Be free of the past’s captivity. Let God deliver you!

Lea Bodie 4th of July
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As you finally declare your independence from sin and dependence on God, let’s celebrate it together with a couple of party ideas! I’ve compiled a couple of list you can check out so you can make the most of the holiday.

Lea Bodie Independence Day

Here’s a list of party decor ideas if you wanna transform your space and host the best party in your neighborhood! If you have a huge family, this is one great way to spend some quality time! Try distributing the tasks into chunks so everyone can take on the work without a sweat. Make sure that your family focuses on enjoying the time spent together rather than just focusing on completing the task!

If you have kids, here’s a list of 4th of July crafts you could get away with! A fun way to keep them busy as you prepare for the party, and it’s also an entertaining way to teach them about the holiday’s significance! There’s a lot of options you can choose from, or you can even let them do majority of it until the party preparation is done!

And of course, a great host never lets the guests leave without getting a couple of bites of mouth-watering desserts! Here’s a list of dessert recipes to celebrate America with a sweet tooth! Another fun way to spend some awesome quality time with kids! Each dessert recipe is Instagram-worthy, too! So get your phones ready!

Hoping that you enjoy the Fourth of July as wild as we usually do yearly! If you don’t have the time to do all the preparations, there are always lots of places around the area that you can drop by. Abundance of food and decorations will take over the streets, that’s for sure!

Lea Bodie Holiday

At the end of the day, what’s important is we meet the common denominator of the country’s holiday and our family’s get together — the fulfillment of having a sense of belongingness and freedom to express. Happy 4th of July, America! Here’s a toast to 243 years of independence!