Tips to Help Your Child Deal With Bullies

Unfortunately, the world has lots of negative people in it that thrive from putting others down. Even more unfortunate is that we cannot be with our children every second of the day to protect them from said bullies. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips to give kiddos on how to deal with bullies. Here are just a few to help your kiddo when they or someone else is being bullied.

Tips to Help Your Child Deal With Bullies

Prevent Run-Ins

One of the best tips to help your child deal with a bully is to try to prevent run-ins. This certainly does not mean to hide out in the bathroom, or skip classes, but it does mean to find another route to take, if available.

Show Confidence

Being confident and showing confidence are not exactly the same. One can think they are confident, however not quite show it. Slouching shows that you are intimidated, and will just encourage the bully to continue. However by standing tall, making eye contact, and using a strong voice this will show the bully that you are not scared of them.


When dealing with bullies there are various responses that your kiddo can use. If being picked on your child can simply state, “So?” More than likely the bully will continue firing insults, in which case your kiddo can continue saying, “So?” And pretend they do not care. The bully will tire of this and eventually stop.

Fire Back With Compliments

Another way to throw a bully off guard is by responding to an insult with a compliment. For example, if the bully insults your child’s new glasses, simply have your child compliment anything about the bully. Your child can compliment the bully’s haircut, clothes, or shoes. Bullies are not expecting compliments from someone who they are trying to put down, so this will likely stop them in their tracks.

Help Others From Being Bullied

What if your child says that they have a friend who is being bullied? In this case, your child can simply help lead their friend away from the bully. So if your child happens to walk by while their friend, or someone else, is being bullied, they can simply walk by their friend, while grabbing their arm and pulling them in another direction as they strike up a new conversation, totally leaving the bully in the dust.

Always Tell an Adult

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Lastly, be sure to tell your child to make adults aware of any bullying that may be going on. While your child may be equipped to deal with bullies, if a bully is not at some point approached by an adult they will just continue picking on others.

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