How to Find the Motivation to Clean Your Home

Have you ever had those days when you’d rather do anything but clean your home? You may have put it off all day, or you just don’t want to. Whatever the reason is, or how messy your home, if you need to find some motivation to clean your home right now, here’s what to do!

How to Find the Motivation to Clean Your Home

Make a plan

Create a plan that incorporates daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning goals. I love The Fly Lady. Her routine works so well for our family. Sign up for her emails which include reminders of tasks to complete each day.

Shorten your list

This might sound contradictory, but if you are not in the mood to clean, a shorter list is going to help you feel more motivated to get things done. Start by breaking your cleaning list into smaller chunks. Are there any tasks that aren’t entirely essential that you do today? Put these on a second list. Start with the most important tasks first, and as you build momentum, go for the second list.

Ask for some help

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your cleaning list, it may be because there’s more than you can reasonably do in a day. Ask your spouse or kids to help out around the house to make cleaning a family activity, and to make it take a little less time. Check out this pin from Kim at Not Consumed. We use this plan to help our little ones do their share.

Set a timer for 15 minutes

If you have a timer going, give yourself only 15 minutes to get as much cleaning as you can done. Working on a time pressure will allow you to get more done than you ever thought you could accomplish. After the timer goes off, set another timer and move to another task. If you are feeling more motivated after the first 15 minutes, set another timer and just keep going!

Break up your cleaning over the course of the day

The best way to get your cleaning done is to break it up throughout the day. Your to-do list is going to be a lot easier to handle if you focus on just a few tasks during the course of the day. Instead of tackling the house all at once, do a small cleaning burst three times a day. You’ll still get everything done, but it will be a lot less intimidating.

Clean during your most productive part of the day

If you struggle with finding the motivation to clean, find a time of the day when you are typically most productive. This might be the morning or evening depending on what kind of person you are, and use this time to clean. You’re more likely to get it done, and during this time, it won’t seem so hard.

Delegate the things you can

Look at your budget and see where you can move things around to outsource tasks that don’t bring you joy! Seek contentment in the tasks that are left. Read how in my post about Living Life Fully.

You don’t have to be a go-getter to have a clean home. All you need are these tips, and a little motivation to get things done. Check out my Pinterest Board for more ideas including how to make your own organic cleaning supplies!

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