10 Laundry Life Hacks for Moms With No Time

Laundry has to be hands down the most time-consuming task in our home. No matter how many loads I do each day, there is always more and it never ends! While I can’t do your laundry for you, I can give you 10 laundry hacks for moms who are short on time and who need some help! Let’s jump right in and transform the way you do laundry.

10 Laundry Life Hacks for Moms With No Time

Hack 1: Stop doing a load each day

If you are short on time, stop doing a load of laundry every single day. Instead, choose three days a week and focus on your linens, whites, and colors with each day. If you need to, make it during the weekend days when you are spending more time at home.

Hack 2: Presort your laundry

If you separate your laundry by colors, linens, darks, towels, etc. then start with presorting your laundry ahead of time. Use labels and separate bins for each article that way the whole family can get on board.

Hack 3: Teach your kids to do their own laundry

You don’t have to wash everyone’s laundry! Even younger kids can learn how to do laundry themselves. Have your toddlers put their own clothes in the drawer, your teenagers wash and put away their own clothes, and hold your family responsible for a piece of the laundry puzzle.

Hack 4: Buy one sock color for each family member

Stop trying to match socks for hours, and get one colored sock for each member of the family. This will help make it easy to tell who has what color, and how to match up the socks.

Hack 5: Use multiple laundry baskets

If you have a big family, get a laundry basket for each member of the family. Put their clothes straight from the dryer to the basket to help make it easier to fold and put away.

Hack 6: Add a clean towel to your dryer

If you want your clothes to dry faster, add a clean towel to your dryer cycle. This will equal less drying time and more time to do other things!

Hack 7: Stop ironing your clothes

If your clothes have wrinkles, throw them in on the fluff cycle for a few minutes and your clothes will be good as new.

Hack 8: Get stains out with lemon juice

Before you throw away those lemons in the kitchen, save them to get tough stains out of your clothes.

Hack 9: Cut your dryer sheets in half

If you want to save on dryer sheets, cut them in half! You don’t need a whole one anyway, and you won’t have to rush to the store for them when you realize you ran out.

Hack 10: Make sure your lint trap is clean

If your clothes are taking forever to dry, your lint trap may be dirty. Not only will this help prevent dryer fires, but it will also cut down on the drying time.

If you don’t have much time you can still stay on top of your laundry game! These hacks will help you get more laundry done when you have less time.

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