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6 Reasons to Include More Rosemary in Your Life

Rosemary may have found its way into your kitchen and on your plate for different reasons, but what most of us don’t know is that this little help is actually power-packed with tons of benefits for the body. Keep reading to discover some of the best reasons to include more of rosemary into your diet (and life!).

Boosts immunity

Rosemary is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, both of which work wonderfully together to help the immune system function at its best. Rosemary extracts have been found to help boost circulation and thereby improve the body’s ability to fight infections. Since it contains antioxidants, it can also fight free radicals in the body and offer protection against cancer.

Reduces stress

Some preliminary studies have found that rosemary can actually reduce stress levels quite effectively, which is exactly why it is now being used in many aromatherapy sessions for those suffering from anxiety and stress. When used in combination with some other oils, rosemary essential oil can also reduce cortisol levels and boost your mood and tackle anxiety.

Improves digestion

While there are no studies to back this up, many natural health enthusiasts and practitioners swear by the effectiveness of rosemary when it comes to boosting digestion. Rosemary extracts have been found to stimulate the complete digestion of undigested food in the stomach, and can also help control excessive acid production and reduce gas and bloating.

Enhances brain function

From boosting memory to improving concentration levels, rosemary has been found to do a lot, and it has been in use a long time when it comes to enhancing brain function naturally. Some even believe that this herb can actually help prevent age-related cognitive decline, which makes it extremely helpful for older adults.

Rosemary has also been found to contain certain components that reduce inflammation of tissues and thereby prevent stroke by reducing the risk of blood clot formations in the brain.

Tackles hair loss

The use of rosemary extracts for the treatment of hairfall and hair loss has been recorded in many cultures, and now, several studies have also confirmed that its use can actually help support healthy hair growth, making it effective for hair conditions such as alopecia. Massaging rosemary oil on the affected bald areas of the scalp can help stimulate hair regrowth in those areas. But that’s not all! Rosemary can also help reduce dandruff — its ability to control dandruff production is well known, which is why it is also often added to many shampoos and conditioners meant to control dandruff.

Relieves pain

You may be surprised at this one, but yes, rosemary also works great as a pain reliever. It is often suggested as a natural remedy to women suffering from painful menstrual and stomach cramps, and is also used in aromatherapy to get the nervous system to relax. Patients suffering from arthritis pain can experience a lot of relief after applying rosemary oil topically on the affected areas. What’s more, the use of this oil (topically or when added to bath water) has also been found to boost circulation, which is great for those suffering from muscle or arthritis-related pains.

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