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A Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Taking a Sick Day

At some point or another, we all get sick. It’s an inevitable part of life, especially if you have kids. When a school teacher gets sick, they can call in a substitute to help them out while they take a sick day. If a homeschool mom is the one who gets sick, there usually isn’t a substitute teacher you can just call in to cover your classroom. Here is a homeschool mom’s guide to taking a sick day, because it’s bound to happen at some point!

Plan ahead with a few easy homeschool lesson ideas

Keep a few movies or books in mind for those days when you are feeling under the weather. Having these on hand can not only make it easier to take the day off, but your children can still be learning in the process! Use Netflix or Amazon Prime to allow your kids to watch educational movies, or grab a few audiobooks your kids can listen to. These will be huge lifesavers and keep you from needing to take the entire day off.

Printable activities and games

Printable activities and games can be a fun way to keep homeschool exciting, especially when you’re sick! Keep a few of these handy, and if you’re feeling less than stellar one day, take a few of them out and let your kids learn through activities and games for the day. One or two game days won’t ruin your homeschool lesson plans.

Keep your homeschool routine as much as possible

When you are homeschooling with your kids, you may have a few routines in place that you do every single day. Try to keep to your homeschool routine as much as possible, even if it means that your kids are going to be doing most of these activities themselves. For example, they can tidy up the home, practice art or another subject that doesn’t require much help, and pick up after themselves all without your help.

Don’t be afraid to order take out

Takeout food or frozen pizza is not the greatest option for lunch and dinner, but when you’re sick, it gets the job done! Don’t be afraid to order takeout so you don’t have to worry about cooking and there is minimal cleanup needed. Use paper plates, utensils, and napkins to avoid having to do dishes too!

Go to bed early!

I know it can be tempted to clean up the house or try to get other chores done around the house when you are sick, but it can wait until you are better! Allow your spouse and kids to take over some of those responsibilities while you are sick, and get some much-needed rest instead! The extra sleep will help you get better faster.

Just because you decide to take a sick day, doesn’t mean everything will fall apart in your absence! Use this guide to not only prepare yourself for future sick days but make you feel less guilty when you do need to take one.

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