Ethical Brands You Can Feel Good About Supporting

When you think about ethical brands, you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed. How do you know if a brand is ethical? So many brands are making big promises, but what about the follow through? Sustainable and ethical brands don’t have to cost a ton of money, and many of these brands are working hard to make a big difference!

How to Pack an Organized Travel Handbag

Whether you are planning a summer vacation, or just a quick getaway with your husband for the weekend, there is always an occasion when your handbag will become your travel companion for a trip. Whether you are on a road trip, planning to fly, or even travel by bus or train, these tips will help you pack an organized travel handbag for your next trip!

The Best Skincare Routine for Women over 40

With my 40th birthday quickly approaching, I knew it was time to start rethinking my skincare routine pay more attention to what was going on my face. Many women use the same skincare routine they’ve been using for decades, and I was no exception! Just as your style as shifted, your skincare routine should too! Check out my tips for the best skincare routine for women over 40!

What’s In My Spring Bag?

Spring has officially sprung here in Houston! I wrote a whole post about 10 items every mom should carry in her bag, and while most…

How to Wear Jewelry to Enhance your Outfit

There is only one thing that’s more frustrating than trying to put together the perfect outfit; trying to pick out jewelry to go with it! When it comes to putting together outfits, it’s very rare that I don’t have at least one jewelry item to help enhance that outfit. A great piece of jewelry can help complement your whole outfit down to the handbag!

Why Every Mom Needs A Quality Handbag

Let’s face it. As moms, sometimes we can get the short end of the stick. We’re the last to get to eat because we are making sure dinner is ready for everyone else. We’re usually the last to go to bed because we have to tidy up the house before bed. As moms, we rarely treat ourselves to nice things because we have the mentality that our kids will just get it messy or we don’t deserve it.

A mom’s handbag is like her secret weapon. She has all the tools in her bag to combat any situation that may arise. We carry our bags with us everywhere we go, so why do we settle for a less than a stellar bag?

My Completely Honest Review of FabFitFun

If you are into fashion, wellness, or even beauty, you’ve probably heard of one of FabFitFun. Unlike other subscription boxes, FabFitFun is only shipped once every season. This means you get a total of just four boxes each year! While the price tag might seem steep, keep in mind that these boxes can contain hundreds of dollars worth of products! If you are into high-end fashion, expensive beauty and wellness products, check out my review of FabFitFun!

5 Cute And Practical Fashion Tips For Moms

If you are a busy mom, fashion may be the last thing on your mind. Some days things get a little crazy and I find…

The Best Purses For Moms With Toddlers

No matter how cute a diaper bag you pick out, it’s not a purse. After about a year of lugging it around, we all start to loathe the diaper bag. If you have a toddler in tow, you don’t have to carry around a massive diaper bag with you! There are a ton of great purses that can carry everything you need, and look stylish at the same time! All of these bags are sustainable handbags that support an amazing cause too! Check out my list of the best purses for moms with toddlers!

How To Dress For Spring When It’s Still Cold Out

Spring is right around the corner! I’m already looking forward to saying goodbye to those cold winter days and bringing out the sundresses and my…